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Bonnies and Operation Warm Hearts Team Up For Warm Hearts Day May 1

Bonnies and Operation Warm Hearts Team Up For Warm Hearts Day May 1

ST. BONAVENTURE, N.Y. – On May 1 the St. Bonaventure softball team will host Dayton in Warm Hearts Day in honor of Operation Warm Hearts.

The Bonnies have been working with Operation Warm Hearts since the beginning of the year but wanted to designate a specific day to bring more awareness and bring more attention to the cause.

Operation Warm Hearts is a non-profit organization in Olean, N.Y that assists those in need. They help kids ranging from newborns to teenagers.

Their mission is to help parents who need a hand in keeping their children fully clothed and warm in the low temperature winters of Olean.

Operation Warm Hearts buys clothing and accepts donations of socks, coats, underwear, hats, gloves, scarves and more to distribute to these families and their kids.

"They jumped right at it, I asked them because we usually do volunteer projects but with the pandemic, it makes it really tough to reach out and do community service," St. Bonaventure Softball head Coach Mike Threehouse said.

"So I asked a couple of them right from the start and said would you like to do this, they said absolutely."

Some of the families of the student-athletes on the team have already donated money and have donated clothes as well.

"We haven't really done anything within the Olean community in a while. I mean we've kind of reached out to other areas, we've sent Christmas gifts to Russia, Mexico and India and all over the world. But when they came to me and asked If I could help I jumped on it because I love this area I love the people in it and when you're talking about being able to keep children warm through the winter, you've got to answer the call, so I was really excited to do that for them," Threehouse said.

"Hopefully we can get it out there a little more for the community and let them know what operation warm hearts is really about."

For more information about Operation Warm Hearts visit

The Bonnies take on Dayton, the doubleheader begins Saturday at noon.

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