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Student-Athlete Feature: Megan Hanna

Student-Athlete Feature: Megan Hanna

Though no events or games are taking place this fall on campus, St. Bonaventure student-athletes still have great stories to tell. During the fall semester, will feature members from each of our 17 Division I teams – how they're adjusting to the new norms of campus life, preparing for the upcoming seasons and more.

In this edition, we feature women's soccer sophomore Megan Hanna.

Hanna enters her second year with the St. Bonaventure women's soccer program. In her first year with the team, Hanna made her career debut coming off the bench for eight minutes in a 3-1 win over Youngstown State.

Hanna is studying business at St. Bonaventure

How have you adapted to the new changes on campus regarding COVID safety protocols? Have they helped make you feel more safe since coming back?
I haven't found it too difficult to adapt to the safety protocol changes on campus only because after so many months of doing so, I'm used to wearing my mask and social distancing. It is hard though to remember that this isn't a normal year and we can't go back to doing everything the same way if we want to stay on campus all year. 

What did you do over the spring/summer to stay in shape and get ready to get back to practices this fall (and was it difficult to find places to workout/practice because of quarantines)?
To stay in shape over the summer I worked out consistently in a small group which was lucky enough to be led by an extremely knowledgeable trainer! We were able to get onto the turf and bleachers at my former high school which was also incredibly helpful. Without being able to do much other than workout, these workouts kept me sane and in shape over the past few months. 

What was one good thing that came out of the spring sports shutdown and odd summer for you? Did you develop any new hobbies/interests?
One positive that came out of the summer was that I was able to get a job that I really enjoy and will be able to return to that job when we're home for our long winter break this year! 

What messages/advice have your coaches given you for staying positive during these tough times?
Our coaches have been really supportive throughout the entire Spring and Summer. They've been understanding that these are difficult circumstances and have been here for us if we ever need anything, have any questions, or need advice. They know we all want to get back on the field as soon as possible, and I know they want that as well. We're all willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen. 

Even though there are no competitions this fall, how excited are you to get back to workouts with your team? Do you look at practices and work with your teammates any differently since the COVID shutdown?
Even though practice looks different than last year (distanced and in small groups) it's been great to be on our field after being away for so long. I'm really grateful to be back playing at all because I know it's a privilege not every team and school has! 

What was the one thing you were most looking forward to about returning to Bonaventure?
Mostly I was looking forward to seeing my teammates and friends at Bonaventure. I missed them all so much and even though it's not the same as before we all are so excited to be back on campus together!

What is your favorite class at Bonaventure and why (now or previously)?
My favorite class last year was The Way of Francis and Clare. I really enjoyed this class because it helped me understand the Franciscan values that are so important to the culture here at Bonaventure.  


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