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Women's Soccer Welcomes 10-Year-Old Rory as Newest Bonnie

Women's Soccer Welcomes 10-Year-Old Rory as Newest Bonnie

ST. BONAVENTURE, N.Y. – The St. Bonaventure women's soccer program has announced the addition of 10-year-old Rory Undercoffer as a member to the team in conjunction with the Friends of Jaclyn organization.

Rory, a native of Kane, Pa., battles a pineal astrocytoma and has undergone surgery for a brain tumor. After joining the Bonnies, she will be a new "little sister" to the members of the team and support them throughout the upcoming season and beyond.

Rory was introduced to the team at a letter of intent signing ceremony as she officially became a Bonnie Wednesday evening at the Reilly Center. Surrounded by over 30 new family members, she signed to join the team followed by putting on the Bonnies uniform for the first time. Bonnies team members and their newest teammate shared dance moves, stories and laughs as they came together for the first time.

She is currently finishing up the fourth-grade and she will wear the number 36 while with the Bonnies. She loves to dance and her favorite colors are pink and blue – though her new teammates may convince her to change her favorite colors to brown and white.

"This is a really special day for our program," St. Bonaventure head coach Steve Brdarski said. "Six years ago we set out to be a part of Friends of Jaclyn and now it is a reality. I don't think anyone really knows what a great match Rory and our team is – her grandfather having Bonaventure roots, her dad was a goalkeeper.

"When we recruit, we look for high character individuals with tons of energy and who are fighters. I haven't met anyone who meets that criteria any more than Rory."

Friends of Jaclyn is a not-for-profit organization with the mission of improving the quality of life for children battling pediatric brain tumors and other childhood cancers. The organization pairs children with local high school and college sports teams, campus clubs and arts programs in their community. Rory's tumor is currently stable and she's off treatment. She recently got the okay to move to six-month MRIs to monitor growth.

For more information and how to support the Friends of Jaclyn Foundation, visit