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Student-Athlete Feature: Julia Davidson

Student-Athlete Feature: Julia Davidson

Though no events or games are taking place this fall on campus, St. Bonaventure student-athletes still have great stories to tell. During the fall semester, will feature members from each of our 17 Division I teams – how they're adjusting to the new norms of campus life, preparing for the upcoming seasons and more.

In this edition, we feature women's lacrosse redshirt junior Julia Davidson

Davidson has played in 40 career games over three seasons with the Bonnies, including 20 starts. She has registered 29 career goals and 41 career points. Last spring, she helped Bona to a 5-2 start and tied for second on the team with nine goals, also ranking third in assists with six and total points, 15.

An Atlantic 10 Commissioner's Honor Roll selection for her work in the classroom, she was part of the reason the women's lacrosse squad recorded the top team GPA on campus last semester.

How have you adapted to the new changes on campus regarding COVID safety protocols? Have they helped make you feel safer since coming back?
Overall, I felt like it hasn't been too difficult to adapt to the new changes on campus, as a lot of these protocols have already been set in places in my hometown! It has still been weird adjusting to this new normal, but I feel like it gets easier every day. Since coming back, the new protocols have definitely made me feel safer, especially the spaced-out seating in classrooms and how constantly the seats are being cleaned. The transition has also been easier based on how much the school had communicated the new protocols to the student body beforehand, allowing us to know what to expect. 

What did you do over the spring/summer to stay in shape and get ready to get back to practices this fall (and was it difficult to find places to workout/practice because of quarantines)?
Throughout the spring/summer I spent a lot of time running outside and trying to get out to play wall ball as much I could. I have a bunch of outdoor fields near me in my hometown, so I enjoyed getting out there as it was a nice break from being stuck in the house. 

What was one good thing that came out of the spring sports shutdown and odd summer for you? Did you develop any new hobbies/interests?
I found a new appreciation for getting out and going for a run! Before quarantine, I had looked at running as more of a chore and something I did simply because I had to, but over the spring/summer it became more of a relaxing thing for me and a small break from quarantine. It was nice to learn how to enjoy it!

What messages/advice have your coaches given you for staying positive during these tough times?
The shutdown hit our team pretty hard, especially since we had gone on such a good run with our out of conference schedule. Our coaches have been so supportive and encouraging of us to not let this setback stop us from moving forward. We have been celebrating the steps forward our program made this past spring and they have been pivotal in trying to keep our focus on what we can do next to keep getting better, instead of falling back on what could have been. They had felt just as let down as we were when it initially happened, but in shifting our focus they were able to pick us up to take those next steps. 

Even though there are no competitions this fall, how excited are you to get back to workouts with your team? Do you look at practices and work with your teammates any differently since the COVID shutdown?
I cannot wait to get back to workouts and playing with the team! All this time away we had to work out on our own has made me really appreciate how much better it is to work out with people who are always pushing you to be better. It can be so much easier to just take a break, or not push out that one last rep, when you're not surrounded by people who are holding you accountable by just being beside you. Since the COVID shutdown, I have begun to really appreciate every workout and practice we have together. We all saw how everything can be over in the blink of an eye. I can only imagine how those athletes at schools already sent home must feel, so I try to not take this opportunity we have to play together right now for granted.

What was the one thing you were most looking forward to about returning to Bonaventure?
I was most looking forward to being back here with all of my teammates and friends! This was the longest break we've had away from each other since we started here freshman year, so I could not wait to be surrounded by them again! I was also looking forward to having in-person classes again because the shutdown showed me so quickly how much I prefer learning face-to-face rather than online. 

What is your favorite class at Bonaventure and why?
My favorite class throughout the years has probably been my internship class, as it allowed me to really dive into my future career path and showed me that being a Physician Assistant is definitely the course I want to take with my life. Dr. Watson, the professor, made the entire experience so enjoyable and was very active in helping students find the right fit for them. 

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