Bonnies Spotlight | Ben Collins (XC)

Bonnies Spotlight | Ben Collins (XC)

ST. BONAVENTURE, N.Y. -- The newest edition of Bonnies Spotlight features Ben Collins of the St. Bonaventure men's cross country team. 

The three-year captain is ready to take on the new season with hopes of improvement for his senior year. 

"You can see us competing in the division and it wasn't like that when I was a freshman," Collins said.

The lone senior has taken the advice of past teammates and passed it on to a team made up of 12 underclassmen. 

"When you face teams like the Syracuse's at the end of the year, last year they won the national championship, is just really to take it day by day and figure out what you can do each day," he said.

Collins has made his way into the SBU cross country record books. He holds the second-highest all-time record with a 16:20 in a 5K, which he ran during his sophomore year. He is fourth all-time in both the 8K and 10K, running times of 26:44.7 and 34:20 in the respective events.

In his final season, Collins has had a strong start, finishing second in both the Little Three Championship and the Binghamton Invitational.  At the Little Three Championship, Collins finished the 5k with a time of 16:57.4 and crossed the line of the 7,800-meter course at Binghamton with a time of 27:55.4.