Bonnies Spotlight | William Delaney (XC)

Bonnies Spotlight | William Delaney (XC)

By Cameron Hurst, St. Bonaventure Sports Information
Video by Ryan McDonough, St. Bonaventure Sports Information 

Every so often, freshman men's cross country runner William Delaney will take a moment to realize and appreciate what brought him to St. Bonaventure University.

"During practice, I'll stop after a workout and sit and look out and say, 'I'm a Division I athlete,'" said Delaney, recognizing the magnitude of his accomplishment. "That's something I really cherish."

Since arriving at St. Bonaventure, the Summit, N.J. native and accouting major has exceeded expectations as a freshman, finishing first for the Bonnies men's cross country team in the first two races of the season. At the Little Three Championship in Buffalo, N.Y. on Sept. 2, Delaney finished 12th with a time of 16:29.1 in his first collegiate event. More recently, Delaney finished 12th once again at the Binghamton Invitational on Sept. 17 with a time of 26:50.9.

Delaney expressed that running collegiately has been a new experience for him as compared to running in high school. 

"Going Division I has definitely been a big change from high school for me," Delaney said. "There's definitely a lot more press that we receive and a lot of people care [about cross country]. I come from a school where football was the main event and everybody cared about football. This is a big change for us." 

And, while Delaney has thrived running at the collegiate level thus far, competing after high school wasn't even a thought to him until his sophomore year of high school.

"Freshman year, I wasn't where I really wanted to be, but the training after that kinda took off," said Delaney, who initially was a swimmer. "I saw myself make the varsity squad and I said that [running collegiately] could be a real possibility."

From that moment on, Delaney proceeded to dedicate his high school career to running and the potential of doing so after high school, virtually leading him to St. Bonaventure coach Bob MacFarlane. 

"I reached out to every college I could and gave my information," said Delaney. "I came back and Coach Mac was one of the first coaches to talk to me."

As far as the team he competes with, Delaney has truly enjoyed the family atmosphere of the men's cross country team, noting the team's emphasis of working together to accomplish each other's goals.

"We work with each other," said Delaney. "It's a strong bond here." 

The St. Bonaventure men's cross country team will be back in action of Sept. 24 at the Harley F. Anderson Invitational hosted by Roberts Wesleyan in Rochester, N.Y.