#Bonnies Summer Session: Nelson Kaputo

#Bonnies Summer Session: Nelson Kaputo

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ST. BONAVENTURE, N.Y. – Over the past two seasons, guard Nelson Kaputo has appeared in 51 games with the Bonnies including 30 during his freshman campaign.

Entering his junior season, Kaputo figures to again play an important role spelling All-Atlantic 10 guards Jaylen Adams and Matt Mobley while taking the next step in his own progression.

The glimpses of the Toronto native's potential have been evident during his time with St. Bonaventure, shooting over 37 percent from long range for his career while dishing out nearly two assists per game as a freshman.

Now an upperclassman, Kaputo is using this summer to work toward making the next step in his development to making an impact with the Bonnies in 2017-18.

What's the biggest thing that you hope to get out of this summer?
Just to get better, to get stronger. Increase my IQ of the game. And to gel with my team; the better I get to know my guys, the better I can get them into the spots that they like.

What do you do with some of the down time during the summer?
We just hang out together. Now that the NBA Playoffs are over, down time is working out and putting up shots.

Who has been most impressive during the summer so far?
Josh and Amadi. The improvement that Amadi has shown since he got here is like night and day. He's been working hard and relentless in the gym. I think that's really going to show this season.

What are some goals you have for yourself this season?
I don't want to limit myself to any specific goal, I just want to work as hard as I can. The only goal I have set is to win the Atlantic 10 championship with the team and get to the NCAA Tournament.

People don't often think of Canada as a place for great basketball. What would you tell people about the Canadian basketball scene?
Now it speaks for itself. Number one picks, guys in the NBA. The game of basketball has grown substantially over the past decade with the leader of that being Steve Nash. He's helped quite a bit. We've just scratched the surface and I think there's a lot more talent.

Do you know fellow Canadian and former Bonnie Andrew Nicholson at all?
We've met a couple times here and he came to a game on the road a couple of times. He's given me a couple words of advice over the summer.

How has playing with All-Conference guards in Jay and Matt made you better?
It's made me better because you can never let your guard down when you're defending one of them. They'll make you pay for it.

How do you make sure you're ready when called upon?
I keep telling myself that at any point during the game my name could be called. I do the best that I can to be sure that I can do whatever I can to help the team win, whatever that may be that game. If we need a little more scoring I can do that, if I need to get guys into spots that's what I'll try to do.

What is a key for you to take the next step in improving your game?
I think strength is the biggest key - getting stronger, being able to take bumps coming off screens. That's the biggest part of my game that needs to improve.

Getting to know … Nelson Kaputo

Favorite athlete: Dwyane Wade
Actor that would play you in a movie: Chris Tucker
Hobbies: I played soccer quite a bit before I played basketball
A couple of your teammates, Josh and Ndene, were soccer players. Who do you think would be the best soccer player? Me. They're too slow. They'd have to be goalies or something.
Favorite movie: Space Jam
Favorite TV show: Fresh Prince
Favorite music artist: J-Cole or Drake
What's on the pre-game playlist: Gotta have J-Cole and Drake automatically, throw in a little Meek. Heavy Future.
Pre-game superstitions: Not really. Maybe taking a nap.
Hidden talents: I'm a pretty decent dancer.
If you could trade places for a day who would it be: I'd like to know what it would feel like to be LeBron for a day.