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Bonnies Athletic Fund Reaches 2019-20 Goal

Bonnies Athletic Fund Reaches 2019-20 Goal

ST. BONAVENTURE, N.Y. – Reaching a fundraising goal is always cause for celebration, but in a year beset by a pandemic, it's an extra special time.

"Gratitude, just pure and simple, is how we are feeling," said St. Bonaventure Director of Athletics Tim Kenney said after learning that the Bonnies Athletic Fund had met its goal of $555,000.

In fact, St. Bonaventure's annual fundraising effort for athletics hit that number right on the dollar. It did that thanks to an anonymous donor who, after learning the BAF needed $177 to meet its objective, wrote a check for that exact amount.

The BAF went into May – the final month of the university's fiscal year – more than $40,000 short of that $555,000 target. But 127 donors made gifts over the final 31 days to cover that gap.

"After the virus hit in March we certainly had concerns that the BAF would not make its goal," Kenney said. "But wow, people stepped up. We know what passionate fans and alums we have at St. Bonaventure, but this generosity is incredible. And I guarantee, these same people are supporting the Bonaventure Fund and other charitable causes all over the world. We are so grateful. It really puts us in a good position starting off next year, which we all know will be even more challenging."

The $555,000 total is an increase of $23,091 from the previous year's total and the third-highest amount raised in any fiscal year in the history of the BAF.

The BAF supports all Athletics Department operations outside of scholarships in support of St. Bonaventure's 17 NCAA Division I teams and 375 student-athletes.