Friday Focus: Charlon Kloof, Men's Basketball

Friday Focus: Charlon Kloof, Men's Basketball

In his first season as a Bonnie, sophomore Charlon Kloof has already made a positive impact on the men's basketball team. Scoring a total of 36 points so far this season and playing in all eight games with an average playing time of 22.1 minutes per game, Kloof looks to be a leader on the team. Kloof played at Canarias Basketball Academy last season where he was one of three players named by ESPN's Adam Finkelstein at the National Prep School Invitational and was given Most Valuable Player honors in two out of the four games. Get to know more about Kloof off the court!

1.) What is your class year and major?
I'm a sophomore finance major.

2.) What is your favorite part about playing basketball?
Creating opportunities to score for others and myself.

3.) Is there a quote or saying you try to live your life by?
No, I don't. My life changes every day so I don't live by any guidelines.

4.) If you could play any sport besides basketball, which one would it be and why?
Track because my uncles ran in the Olympics, and I think I could be a pretty good sprinter.

5.) What is the best memory you have of playing basketball?
The first time I came to America when I was 12, and I played at a basketball camp for a week.

6.) What is your proudest moment?
Winning the European Championships for Netherlands even though I'm originally from Suriname.

7.) Who would you say has been the most influential person in your basketball career?
My older brother

8.) If you had the opportunity to travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?
Suriname because I haven't seen my family in a couple of years.

9.) What do you think are some good attributes an athlete should have?
An athlete should be competitive, positive and eager to learn.

10.) Where do you see yourself in the future after you graduate from St. Bonaventure?
Hopefully playing professional basketball